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Farouk and Friends

LA 8 Hit with REAL ID Charges




Farouk's 58th Birthday, 8/9/05




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Denounce the deportation of Ahmad Nafaa







Immigration Canada:

1010 St. Antoine West

(corner Peel)

(metro Bonaventure)


Ahmad Nafaa, a Palestinian refugee from Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp in

south Lebanon and an active member of the Coalition Against the

Deportation of Palestinian Refugees, was forcibly detained by metro-police

at Metro-McGill on Tuesday evening around 9 PM, and turned over to

Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

Within minutes of learning about Ahmad?s detention, dozens of members of

the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees and No One

is Illegal descended upon McGill Metro, attempting to intervene in

Immigration Canada?s operation to detain and eventually deport Ahmad

Nafaa. Scuffels erupted in the metro, between Ahmad?s supporters and the

Metro cops (STCUM), which resulted with two activists being detained and

eventually released prior to the arrival of Immigration Canada officials.

As Immigration Canada officials arrived outside the metro station, to take

Ahmad into custody, activists surrounded the Immigration Canada van,

blocking it?s passage, attempting to pry open the doors. Upwards of 30

metro-cops were deployed on the scene, along with numerous police and

security vehicles, who attacked the activists by force, throwing them to

the ground, hospitalizing one and arresting another. In this context, it

became clear that Immigration Canada, would could not detain and deport

Ahmad without a fight.

Currently Ahmad is being incarcerated at the Laval Detention Center,

awaiting imminent deportation, with the potential of a detention review

hearing in the next 48 hours. Ahmad now faces deportation to the U.S,

where he will be held in detention indefinitely, before he is ultimately

deported back to Ein el Hilweh camp.

In Canada, as a result of his refused refugee claim, Ahmad had been forced

to live underground, without access to basic services such as health care

and education. Ahmad remained in Canada due to fears of returning to that

which he initially fled, a life of statelessness without any basic civil

and human rights and facing daily dangers. Ahmed, like many other

Palestinian refugees from Lebanon, holds no citizenship to any country,

has no right to own property, and is legally barred from working in close

to 80 professions. Now, after struggling for his status and that of fellow

Coalition members, he ends up incarcerated. Seeking protection from

persecution, Ahmad again is in legal-limbo. With no status he is jailed,

criminalized, and faces long detention in the U.S. and ultimate

deportation to the refugee camp of Ein el Hilweh.

Ahmad's detention occurs as Palestinian refugees residing in Montreal

continue to actively organize for their basic rights, including an end to

deportations. Today's actions by Immigration Canada serve to imprison and

deport one of the most active members of the Coalition Against the

Deportation of Palestinian Refugees.

The deplorable actions of Immigration Canada will not quell the struggle

of the Palestinian refugees for status and dignity! The fight for justice

for Ahmad Nafaa and the 40 other Palestinians facing deportation will

strengthen and grow in the face of repression!


CALL / FAX / EMAIL the Minister of Immigration & the as many of the CIC

officials listed at the bottom of the sample letter as you can:


1) Ahmad Nafaa be released from Laval Detention Center immediately;

2) Ahmad Nafaa be granted a stay of deportation, until his Humanitarian

and Compassionate appeal is processed.

For more Info: the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees


Phone: 514.591.3171



November 24th, 2004

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CIC National Headquarters

365 Laurier, Jean Edmonds South Tower,

21st Floor

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 1L1

Fax: (613) 947-8319

Phone: (613) 954-1064

Honourable Judy Sgro,

We hereby request that you, as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Canada, immediately order a stay of removal and thereby suspend the

deportation of Ahmad Nafaa (4277-4326), until his humanitarian and

compassionate application has been studied.

Pursuant to section 50(e) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, a

removal order is stayed for the duration of a stay imposed by the

Minister. Though the general control and supervision of enforcement and

removals has been transferred to the portfolio of the Solicitor General,

it remains at the discretion of Immigration Officers to issue a stay of


The Officers of Citizenship and Immigration Canada being possessed of the

authority to issue a stay of removal, we respectfully request that this

authority be exercised immediately with respect to Ahmad Nafaa.

Given that Ahmad Nafaa has been detained by the Canada Border Services

Agency, and has already been refused at the pre-removal risk assessment

level, his deportation is imminent. The Minster of Citizenship and

Immigration must act now to prevent this injustice.

The fact that Ahmad1s immediate deportation would be to the United States

does not materially affect his plight. The detention of those in Ahmad1s

situation is virtually automatic in the U.S. right now and, barring highly

exceptional circumstances, eventual deportation to his country of origin

is extraordinarily likely.

The situation is urgent. Barring Ministerial intervention, Ahmad Nafaa

faces imminent deportation.


Ahmad was born a stateless Palestinian in Ein El-Hilweh refugee camp in

Lebanon. As a result of persecution in Lebanon and the fear and poverty

that are facts of daily life in Ein El-Helweh refugee camp, the future is

bleak for the Palestinian refugees who reside there. Unemployment rates

are high due to the fact that Palestinians are banned from an

ever-increasing number of professions. Poverty rates are astronomical.

The restrictions on new constructions within the camp mean that the

population is forced to live in dilapidated and deplorable housing. All

of these factors lead to a situation so bleak for those residing in the

camp that suicide is a common occurrence.

After 20 years of life in the camp, the constant racism, discrimination,

fear, violence and poverty finally became a weight that was too heavy for

Ahmad to shoulder any longer and he fled the country and claimed refugee

status in Canada. His claim for convention refugee status was denied on

February 20, 2002, while his brother Mahmoud1s refugee claim, heard by a

different member of the refugee determination board, was accepted.

Since arriving in Canada Ahmad has become fully integrated in Canadian and

Quebec society. He has found himself reunited with a brother whom he had

not seen in more than five years and they have quickly reformed their

close familial bond and have become inseparable. Ahmad is currently

employed in the restaurant industry and is a self sufficient and

contributing member of society, he dreams of returning to school and

continuing the nursing degree that he began in Lebanon. After suffering

for so many years as a refugee he wishes to help alleviate the suffering

of others. In every sense of the word, Ahmad has found a home in Canada.

Ahmad Nafaa now faces deportation to the Palestinian refugee camps of

Lebanon, where the conditions faced by Palestinians are degrading and

dangerous. It is beyond dispute that the treatment of Palestinians by the

Lebanese government is in clear violation of a variety of norms of

international human rights law. Palestinians in Lebanon have been denied

their basic rights for over 56 years.

Moreover, this condition is directly related to the statelessness of

Palestinians. Because of their unique situation, Palestinians have been

denied not only the rights accorded to citizens but also access to the

international system for the protection of refugees.

In signing the United Nations Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness

on July 17th, 1978. The Canadian government undertook a responsibility for

reducing statelessness. In returning Ahmad Nafaa to Lebanon, this

government would abdicate that responsibility. Therefore, the Minister of

Citizenship and Immigration must act now and order a stay of removal for

Ahmad Nafaa pursuant to s. 50(e) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection


We thank you for your immediate attention in this matter,


CIC Montreal: Phone (514) 323-1212, Fax (514) 323 2875

Michel Dorais, Deputy Minister CIC: Fax: (613) 954-3509 or (613) 954-5448

John R. McWhinnie, Assistant Deputy Minister CIC: Fax: (613) 946-6048

Debra Normoyle, Director General: Enforcement Branch: Fax: (613) 954-6765

Marc Towaij, Senior Removals Advisor: Fax: (613) 954-5238

Michel Cot?, Removal Liason Officer: Phone: (613) 952-6896

Carole Lamarre: Director of Inland Services: Phone: (514) 283 9939

Ren? D1Aoust: Director Investigation & Removal: Phone: (514) 496-1238,

Fax: (514) 496-1882

Monique Leclair, Director General: CIC QC Regional Office: Fax: (514)


11/13/04 Memorial for Farouk Abdel-Muhti