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LA 8 Hit with REAL ID Charges

Immigration News Briefs

Vol. 8, No. 33 - August 13, 2005

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Update on the Americas, published by Nicaragua Solidarity

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On July 25, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) added

new charges of deportability against Palestinians Khader Musa

Hamide and Michel Ibrahim Shehadeh, longtime US lawful permanent

residents the government has been seeking to deport for 18 years.

The new charges--brought under the REAL ID Act, approved on May

11 of this year [see INB 5/14/05]--allege that Hamide and

Shehadeh are deportable for having been members of the leftist

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). As with

"material support" charges filed against them in September 2003

under the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act, this deportable offense didn't

exist at the time Hamide and Shehadeh were organizing fundraising

events for humanitarian organizations in the Middle East. The new

charges followed a July 7 order from Los Angeles immigration

judge Bruce Einhorn postponing indefinitely a hearing scheduled

for July 13.

Hamide and Shehadeh are part of the "LA 8," a group of seven

Palestinians and one Kenyan arrested early in 1987 and initially

ordered deported under a provision of the 1952 McCarran-Walter

Act which barred advocating "the doctrines of world communism."

Congress ultimately repealed the McCarran-Walter Act in 1990; the

US government has adjusted its deportability charges against

Hamide and Shehadeh at least five times, while pursuing minor

visa violations against the other six--several of whom later won

permanent residency. In February 1999, the Supreme Court ruled in

the LA 8 case that "[a]n alien unlawfully in this country has no

constitutional right to assert selective enforcement as a defense

against his deportation," and that federal courts have no

jurisdiction to hear such claims [see INB 2/99]. [Committee for

Justice ( 6/29/05, 7/9/05, 7/12/05,

8/3/05; Los Angeles Times 6/30/05, 7/14/05]

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