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2012 has been a breakthrough year for Enemy Alien as well as for Life or Liberty's next project, the Tule Lake Documentary.

News & Action Alerts

Demand Immediate Release of Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance Activist

******Please forward widely and act TODAY!**********

Early in the morning of Friday April 11th IDF troops invaded the home of the AbuMaria family and arrested Mousa AbuMaria. Mousa is a well known nonviolent activist and a co-founder of the Palestinian Solidarity Project. He has been a lead organizer in peaceful protest involving hundreds of Israelis and internationals and has been committed to nonviolence for several years.

When Mousa was arrested his family was not told of the reason of his arrest or his whereabouts.

When his lawyer managed to locate him it turned out he was being held in military jail but still no reason for his arrest was given. Only days later was his lawyer finally told that he was suspected of membership in a terrorist organization but when his interrogation did not turn up any evidence the prosecution has admitted that there 'may' not be enough evidence to put him on trial.

With no evidence against him and a long history of nonviolent activism Mousa's family should be celebrating his impending release. However, the Israeli military court system that presides over Palestinians in the Occupied Territories does not work that way and the prosecution has said they are considering putting Mousa in Administrative Detention, in which he has no right to trial. For Palestinians, when there is no evidence for a trial, they are simply jailed without one. The decision on whether Mousa will be placed in Administrative Detention will most likely be made TOMORROW.

ACT NOW to support Mousa.

Register your outrage to imprisonment without trial. Please write to the Chief Military Attorney,

Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit , and demand that Mousa AbuMaria be released immediately.

Below is a suggested draft of a letter addressed to the Chief Military Attorney. Your own version should be emailed from gmail, yahoo hotmail or riseup to:

This will then be faxed to the Chief Military Attorney's office. Please cc PSP so we can keep track of the letters of support:

Those who have a fax machine or do not have an email account at either gmail, yahoo, hotmail or riseup can fax the Chief Military Attorney's office directly at

972 3 608 0366

Sample letter:


Chief Military Attorney

6 David Elazar Street

Tel Aviv

Military postal code 9605,IDF

Fax: +972 3 608 0366

Monday 14th April, 2008

F.A.O: Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit,

I am writing with regards to the arrest of Mousa AbuMaria on Friday 11th April, 2008 in the village of Beit Ommar, West Bank, Occupied Territories. His lawyers have informed the international community of the conditions surrounding his arrest and said that although there is currently not enough evidence to put him on trial, he may soon be placed in administrative detention.

I would like to highlight my concerns and call on you, the Chief Military Attorney of Israel, to ensure that Mousa is not administratively detained without charge or trial.

Mousa has for many years been a lead organizer in peaceful, non violent protest and worked alongside hundredss of international and Israelis activists in resisting the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. He is well known as a passionate advocate of non violent resistance and has many Israeli friends who can vouch for his peaceful political commitments and his character.

I, the undersigned, would like to see this issue addressed through the appropriate channels and ensure that he is released immediately.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert name)



Debbie Almontaser was the principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy before she was forced to resign in a firestorm of controversy stirred up by anti-Muslim groups. While the school was getting ready to open she kept a low profile, but now is starting to fight back.

Previous posts on this subject:

VIDEO: New Yorkers Rally to Defend Arabic-Language School

Communities in Support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy

Below is a community bulletin, virtually verbatim:


A bulletin from Communities in Support of Khalil Gibran International Academy (CSKGIA):




Monday, November 19, 2007

5:00 PM @ the new Federal Courthouse

500 Pearl Street, near Foley Square

Worth Street entrance

[Worth St. between Baxter & Mulberry Streets, a block east of Foley Sq.: J, M, Z train to Chambers or Canal; #4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall; N, R, W to Canal St.; #1 to Franklin; A, C to Chambers (at Church); 2, 3 to Chambers (at West Broadway). map at



This Monday, Debbie will be filing a lawsuit against the DOE, the Chancellor, and the Mayor for violation of her free speech rights under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. As Debbie's lawyer announces the filing of the lawsuit,

We want to show the DOE, the Mayor, and the media, that this is more than just a lawsuit--this is a movement of communities and individuals standing together to say NO to racism and discrimination (Watch Debbie's speech about her forced resignation: Press release

Stand up for Multicultural Education!

Stand up Against Racism & Xenophobia

Stand with Debbie Almontaser!

Justice for Debbie! Justice for the Community!


We are individuals and organizations from a multitude of communities and backgrounds, who have come together in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy. Both the school and its founding principal, Debbie Almontaser, have endured a vicious anti-Arab and anti-Muslim smear campaign for the past several months, which resulted in Ms. Almontaser's forced resignation.

For more information:



Communities in Support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy



Monday, August 20, 6pm

Tweed Courthouse

52 Chambers Street

Subways: 4, 5, 6, N, R, W, M, J, 2, 3, A, C

As New Yorkers and others in support of quality public education for all of our communities, we stand in solidarity with the Khalil Gibran International Academy, which has sustained hateful and false attacks by anti-Arab media and extremists. In the post-9/11 world, a school educating our children about Arab history, culture, and language is not only crucial for the next generation to become informed leaders for positive change in our communities; it is also an extraordinary place of hope for peace, understanding, and justice for our embattled world. We regret that Debbie Almontaser was pressured to resign and applaud her work to establish this school and promote intercultural exchange in this diverse global city.

Those who seek to equate the study of Arabic language, culture, and history with religious fanaticism and violence are irresponsibly aggravating a present moment of hysteria against Arab and Muslim communities, and are using this moment to promote hatred in a time of war. We urge our public officials to reject these racist and inaccurate attacks, and continue to work towards building a lasting educational institution that promises to bring our communities together, rather than divide and pit them against each other. We call on all communities who want to see peace on our streets and in our world to stand with us in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy.

Sponsors Sign on!

Arab Resource and Organizing Center, San Francisco, CA

AWAAM: Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media

Brown Memorial Baptist Church

Center for Immigrant Families

Council on American Islamic Relations - NY

Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)

Muslim Consultive Network

WFD Program Steering Committee at First Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn

Organizational Endorsers Sign on!

Adalah-NY: Coalition for Justice in the Middle East

The African American Islamic Institute (AAII)

Brecht Forum

Brooklyn For Peace (formerly Brooklyn Parents for Peace)

Ethical Action Commitee of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Independent Commission on Public Education

Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives, Brooklyn

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Oakland Chapter

Peoples MEDIA Center

Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors

WESPAC Foundation

Individual Endorsers Sign on!

Katherine Acey, Concerned Brooklyn Resident

Rev. Elizabeth Alexander, Church of the Gethsemane

Reshma Baig & Yahiya Emerick, Islamic Foundation of North America (IFNA)

Aleise Barnett, NYC Public School Teacher

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Brashear, Pastor, West-Park Presbyterian Church; Pres, Interfaith Assembly on Housing & Homelessness

Lisel Burns, Clergy Leader, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Ashaki H. Taha-Cisse, Executive Director, African American Islamic Institute (AAII)

Carolyn Rusti Eisenberg, Brooklyn for Peace

Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

Alice Fisher, Abrahamic Network of NY & Member of Congregation B'nai Jeshuran, NYC

Martha Gallahue, Concerned Parent in Brooklyn

Carol Horwitz, Concerned Brooklyn Resident

Valerie Kameya, Concerned Brooklyn Resident

Youme Landowne, Artist and Educator

Gail Lerner, NYC

Laura Liben, Teaching Artist, NY Public Schools

Dr. Lucinda Mosher, Interreligious Relations Consultant

Saul Nieves, Activist and Union Organizer

Robert Patterson, Theatre Professional and Community Organizer

Steve Quester, UFT Member

Malika Rushdan; Consultant & Artist: Modern Age Art

Rev. Charles H. Straut, Jr., DMin, Member, KGIA Advisory Committee

Eileen B. Weiss, Managing Director, Same Difference Interfaith Alliance




[A new book from Monthly Review Press, by the editors of Weekly News Update

on the Americas and Immigration News Briefs; please forward widely.]


Questions and Answers

by Jane Guskin and David Wilson

"We desperately need to put aside false information about

immigrants, to see them as we see ourselves with honesty and

compassion. This book gives powerful meaning to the slogan 'No

Human Being is Illegal.' I hope it will be widely read."

- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

"As the immigrant rights movement grows in size and energy, we

need quick facts and deep history. This book gives us both."

- Aarti Shahani, co-director, Families for Freedom

"Guskin and Wilson have identified the hot-button points in the

national immigration debate, and have set out to undo the

stereotypes, misinformation and prejudice that paralyze rational

thought on the subject. This book is a great reality check, a

good teaching tool, and a powerful weapon against racism."

- David Bacon, author of Communities Without Borders: Images and

Voices from the World of Migration

As Congress debates immigration "reform," polls show the public

increasingly divided, with the immigration debate framed as a

choice between "deport them all" and "give everyone amnesty." But

dialogue is possible when we dig deeper. Why are people leaving

their homes? Why are they coming here? What is the impact of our

current enforcement policies? What kinds of alternatives exist?

Backed with a wide range of cited sources, The Politics of

Immigration tackles questions and concerns about immigration with

compelling arguments and hard facts, laid out in straightforward

language and an accessible question-and- answer format.

For immigrants and supporters, the book is an effective tool to

confront common myths and disinformation. For teachers, it

provides a useful framework on the current debate, and ample

opportunities for students to reach out and explore the

intersecting issues.

Those who believe immigrants steal jobs from citizens, drive down

wages, strain public services, and threaten our culture will find

such assumptions challenged here, while people who are undecided

about immigration will find the solid data and clear reasoning

they need to develop an informed opinion.

To order call: 1.800.670.9499 or visit: print

out the form below and send it via mail with your payment to:



(TEL: 212-691-2555; FAX: (212) 727-3676)


The Politics of Immigration

176pp/ISBN: 978-1-58367- 155-9 (pbk)/$11.95 SALE PRICE: $11.00

Please send ______ copies at $11 each - add $4.00 for shipping


__ MasterCard


__ Check or Money order enclosed




card number______________________________________________

exp. date ______________ amount paid: ______________


Father of Family Targeted by Homeland Security Released from Detention

from Desis Rising Up and Moving:


it is with great joy, and much praises to the Most High and to all those who supported, that I share this news....

The Siraj Family, members of DRUM-Desis Rising Up and Moving celebrate?.


Another chapter in a nightmare that has torn up a loving Muslim family caught up in the U.S. "War on Terror" brings a VICTORY. With their entire family detained by the US government in various facilities, the father of the Siraj family was released last week. The entire Siraj family was arrested in January---just hours after their 24 year old son, Matin, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for false terrorism charges (based on an NYPD-paid informant), Matin's mother, father and sister were violently arrested in their homes by more than a dozen ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers of the Dept. of Homeland Security. The arrest and detention of the entire family was a clear intimidation tactic to silence a family speaking out against the US War on Terror's criminalization of South Asian, Muslim and Arab communities.

2 weeks after the family's detention, buoyed by community organizing by DRUM and countless supporters in solidarity with the family (including hundreds of letters of support to ICE!), the mother and sister were released, albeit on $35,000 bond. The community has continued to support and organize in support of the family and last week, the father was finally released, after languishing in jail for 6 months.

Mr. Siraj, an elderly man with several medical conditions including a hearing impairment, was released under an intensive governmental supervision unofficially known as the ankle bracelet program (involving electronic surveillance); curfew/nighttime house arrest; and parole-style regular check-ins . While Mr. Siraj will continue to live under close watch though he poses no threat, the family continues to face an uphill legal battle, both for their own immigration cases as well as in their son's appeal.

We know that Siraj's release, while a victory for the family and a testament to the power of organizing, also opens up a detention bed for one more and leaves behind over 20,000 of our immigrant brothers or sisters to languish in private detention centers and county jails around the country. Our work must continue?as Congress continues to propose bills that will most likely deepen the crisis for communities, particularly through increasing detention and deportation?we must keep up the fight for legalization without compromising away raids, surveillance, due process, detention and deportation.

SUPPORT THE FAMILY: The family is facing over $50,000 in legal fees; bond debt as well as trying to send their daughter to community college?financial support is desperately needed. Make checks out to: "Shaheena Parveen Siraj". Mail donations to DRUM at: P.O. Box 720187, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Again, thank you for your incredible support as we continue fighting for this family's freedom and the larger political attack on our communities.

In Solidarity,




Human rights defender Lynne Stewart needs your help

Lynne Stewart has for decades been a valued member of the New York progressive community and until recently a lawyer who defended the rights of many. Targeted under some of Attorney General John Ashcroft's most blatantly unconstitutional "anti-terrorism" laws, Lynne's arrest and persecution was unfolding in the same time period as Farouk's -- yet she still took time away from her own dire situation to remain a staunch supporter and friend to him. Now convicted and disbarred, she needs and deserves the help of human rights supporters everywhere.

-- Konrad Aderer

Dear Friends,

So embarrassing to have to write a letter like this. However, the Lynne

Stewart Organization (formerly the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee) is

having severe financial problems. Our work which is completely

outreach--using the case and its many issues, and my legal/political career

to organize people and keep supporters informed in these days of mounting

political discontent.

Perhaps we were too ambitious after the euphoria surrounding our sentence

victory, but at this moment we are without funds to even pay Pat Levasseur

for her dedicated and ongoing work.

As you may know, I am now disbarred and have not worked since 2004. Ralph

and I scrape by with Social Security and direct gifts from family and

supporters. (If you remember, Judge Koeltl described me as "destitute"! !

Not true, but close!!) I am able to carry out a rigorous personal

appearance schedule only because the LS Organization pays the expenses.

So, if I do a fund

raiser for WBAI(the local Pacifica radio station) on Central Park West in

New York, there is still the cost of transportation and parking etc. So

far in 2007, I have been in Boston on 3 occasions, Philadelphia 4x,

Washington DC, Chicago, California ,Oregon Florida, Washington and local

(NY) appearances and

speeches too numerous to mention. While we fund raise when appropriate, the

vast majority of my speaking engagements are not compensated, because I am

there for other worthy causes (Leonard Peltier, Mumia, Anti War, Immigrant

Rights, Muslim Anti Discrimination, Political Prisoners, Death Penalty,

etc) Not to

whine, but it all costs and we find ourselves at the bottom of the

proverbial financial barrel.

If you are able, please send something to get us through the next few

months. We are putting together fund raisers for the fall and hope to be

able to bring news of the issues on my appeal at that time. But Now is Urgent.

Please send donations to Lynne Stewart Organization, Suite 700, 350

Broadway, NY NY, 10013. You can do it by credit card via Paypal at our

website (lynnestewart. org) Checks can be made out to Lynne Stewart

Organization or to National Lawyers Guild Foundation, memo LS Organization

for a tax deduction. All

mailed to above address.

The work is there to be done and I want to do it but we need a little

(pardon the analogy) gas for our engine.

Love Struggle,

Lynne Stewart



NYC Emergency Press Conference and Rally on Immigrant Justice

**urgent: please fwd widely**

What: Emergency Press Conference and rally for immigrant communities to speak out against the Senate-White House Immigration Deal and demand that our Senators not compromise immigrant lives.

When: 11am on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where: Outside Senator Clinton's office (780 Third Ave, between 48th and 49th Streets)

Who: Organized by Immigrant Communities in Action and the American Friends Service Committee.

Immigration "Grand Bargain" = Grand Sellout

With this week's upcoming vote on the Senate's Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (resulting from the bipartisan "Grand Bargain" between Senators and the White House), immigrant communities face one of the most repressive immigration plans in decades: an enormous report-to-deport program, a punitive pseudo-legalization plan, expanded enforcement at the border and interior, a guestworker program with tougher worksite enforcement and minimal worker protections, as well as devastating cutbacks in family immigration to be replaced with merit-based requirements. Community groups in the New York metro area are coming together to challenge the Senate "Grand Bargain" on Tuesday May 22nd as part of a national coordination of press conferences (officially on Wednesday May 23rd throughout the country) with the National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights.

JOIN US in front of Senator Clinton's office to URGENTLY condemn this "bargain" which compromises away our lives.

To endorse, please contact



Family Targeted by Homeland Security Needs Your Help!

[from a D.R.U.M. bulletin]


A quick update on the Siraj family's situation and some quick support actions you can take.

Background: The Siraj family has been a victim of the government's so-called "War on Terror" against Muslims, Arabs & South Asians. First, their son was targeted and entrapped by a paid ($100,000) informant to incite and then entrap Matin in a false "terrorism" case. After a trial in which there were many irregularities, Matin was found guilty and on January 8th, 2007 sentenced to 30 years in prison. As an act of intimidation, less than 12 hours after the sentencing, the Siraj family home was invaded by more than 15 ICE officers and the father, mother and sister of Matin were dragged away to an immigration detention center. 2 weeks later, after community pressure and a campaign & rally organized by DRUM, the mother and daughter were released, but on an outrageous $35,000 bond.

The father, 3 months later, still remains in prison, while the son has been moved to a jail in Indiana. As this government-created nightmare continues, the mother and daughter are fighting for the freedom of their brother/son and father and speaking out against the injustices against their family. More background at

Some actions that you can take to support this family:

The father, Siraj Rehman, still remains in detention at Elizabeth Detention Center, having been held for over 3 months now. His severe health problems persist as he suffers from a severe hearing disability, arthritis, breathing problems, depression, and a history of hernias. His detainment has further exacerbated the problems. His file is scheduled to be reviewed for consideration of release on April 19th by ICE. We are requesting another round of support letters to be MAILED IMMEDIATELY to the address indicated in the sample letter included/attached below. Please respond ASAP if you can so they reach ICE in time! **Organizational letterhead is best if you're affiliated, but your personal name and address is fine, too.**

The family is in desperate financial circumstances and needs support for basic survival, attorney's fees, and exorbitant bond of $35,000 they had to pay. Please donate what you can. Your donations are tax-deductible. Please make checks out to:

DRUM, with "Siraj Family Support Fund" in the memo line.

MAIL to:


PO Box 720187

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

The son, Matin Siraj, has been moved out of NY, 800 miles away to the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution in Indiana. This facility has received some minor media coverage for the fact that it is instituting a policy of segregating Muslim and Arab prisoners into a special Communications Management Unit whereby the freedoms and communications of the prisoners in the unit are being severely restricted and closely monitored. These policies raise several civil rights, racial profiling, prisoner rights, and procedural issues, all within the context of increasing repressive measures by this government in its so-called "War on Terror."

On a practical level, this has meant that the family is unable to visit Matin due to the financial and logistical obstacles posed by the distance and the "special" procedures for visitation. It has also limited the amount of phone calls Matin is allowed to make to his family, who he may speak to, and the language in which the calls are conducted. For more information:

Again, thank you for your incredible support as we continue fighting for this family's freedom and the larger political attack on our communities. For more information, or an attachment of the letter, please check at DRUM's website. ( ). For more information please contact Fahd Ahmed at

Sample letter available at:

Or select & paste the text below:

April 10, 2007

Deportation Officer Keith Cozine

US Dept of Homeland Security

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Elizabeth Detention Center

625 Evans Street , Room 148A

Elizabeth, NJ

Dear Officer Cozine,

RE: Release from Detention of Siraj Abdul Rehman

I am writing to support the immediate release of Siraj Abdul Rehman who has been held at Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey since Tuesday, January 9, 2007. I fully support his immediate release on recognizance or a reasonable bond and understand that his case is being administratively reviewed by your office.

Mr. Rehman is a deeply loved member of a peace-loving family that has worked hard in this country for several years since escaping persecution in Pakistan. Mr. Rehman is hard-working, cares deeply about civic and family matters, has no criminal record, and is simply looking to live peacefully with his family intact. Under no circumstances does Mr. Rehman represent a flight risk for several reasons; the family is deeply rooted in New York's South Asian community and is absolutely committed to staying in this country in order to seek justice in their son's criminal case as well as to apply for asylum. In no way does the family pose a flight risk due to their deep commitments, obligations, and solid community roots to community organizations and religious institutions. As such, Mr. Rehman should be released on recognizance or a reasonable bond as he poses no threat to society, is not a flight risk because he intends to pursue an appeal in his son's case, and is deeply rooted within the community.

For a father that has already lost his son to imprisonment, Mr. Rehman's spirit and health is on the verge of breaking due to detention. If continuously detained, Mr. Rehman will be prevented from a fair opportunity to follow through on appealing for justice for his son's case as well as being separated from his wife and daughter who are in desperate financial and emotional straits. As you may know, Mr. Rehman's suffers from disabling health problems ranging from a severe hearing disability to chronic breathing problems, depression, severe arthritis and a history of hernias.

Out of respect of civil rights and due process, as Mr. Rehman's entire family was detained on Tuesday January 9th, I am concerned that the Siraj family was indiscriminately chosen for arrest due to the alleged charges of terrorism against their young son, Siraj Matin. Approximately 12 hours after receiving the devastating news of an indiscriminate and lengthy sentence for their son, they were arrested for relatively minor immigration violations that do not necessitate detention. Due to countless legal and constitutional irregularities connected to their son's case, the family has overwhelming community support, and the family should not be punished through detention for pursuing justice for their son. If deported, a young son will be left to perish in prison and the lives of an entire, peace-loving family will be ruined. I respectfully request that ICE exercises compassion and justice for Mr. Rehman in granting release.


[name, address, organization, if applicable]



Stop the deportations of stateless Palestinian refugees!



(Fran?ais ci-dessous)


Bi-Weekly Picket in Solidarity with Palestinian Refugees Facing Deportation

THURSDAY MARCH 29th, 4 pm -> 6 pm

Citizenship & Immigration Canada

1010 St. Antoine W. [corner of Peel]

[metro Bonaventure]



After more than FIVE YEARS of organizing and fighting back, hundreds of

Palestinian refugees in Montreal and across Canada continue to face imminent

deportation to the Occupied Territories and to the refugee camps of Lebanon.

Based on this continued and urgent situation, the Coalition Against the

Deportation of Palestinian Refugees calls on supporters to participate in

the re-launch of bi-weekly solidarity pickets, in front of Immigration

Canada, to demand:


- An IMMEDIATE REGULARIZATION of all Palestinian refugees in Canada.

Over the past few months, integral members of the Coalition Against the

Deportation of Palestinian Refugees have received final rejections of

their cases and await deportation dates back to the Occupied Territories and

to the refugee camps in Lebanon.

An elderly Palestinian couple are also fighting against their deportation

back to the refugee camp of Sabra in Lebanon, where Farouk Za'atar has

lived since he was forced to flee Palestine as a child in 1948. The elderly

couple will be forcibly separated from their three children and five

grandchildren in Montreal, all of whom are Canadian citizens or permanent

residents. Once again, the Coalition is faced with fighting a situation

where some family members refugee claims have been accepted, while other's

have been refused. The Za'atar's son was granted refugee status in Montreal

years ago, while the parents, though based on the same sequence of events,

were later rejected by a different refugee board member.

Conditions for Palestinians in both the Occupied Territories and in Lebanon

are horrific and are worsening daily.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are systematically prevented from owning

property, working in over 70 professions, receiving proper health care, and

moving and traveling freely. The intensified mistreatment of Palestinian

refugees inside the camps has left their lives in real and immediate peril.

If deported, those Palestinians who had escaped the dire situation in the

Occupied Territories, would face daily terror at the hands of the Israeli

state which continues to enforce a deadly and illegal military occupation.

Palestinian refugees from the Occupied Territories have fled from the

killings, extra-judicial assassinations, house demolitions, illegal arrests,

trials without evidence, torture, land confiscation, and constant


We must stand united, in support of the long and courageous fight against

deportations waged by the Palestinian refugees in Montreal.

Your support, solidarity and participation are needed....!



In Solidarity.

the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees /


Piquetage bimensuel de solidarit? avec les r?fugi?s

palestiniens menac?s de d?portation.

JEUDI le 29 MARS de 16 ? 18 heures environ

Citoyennet? et Immigration Canada

1010, rue St-Antoine O. [coin Peel]

[m?tro Bonaventure]



Apr?s plus de CINQ ANS de lutte structur?e, des douzaines de r?fugi?s

palestiniens de Montr?al et de partout au pays continuent d??tre menac?s

d?expulsion imm?diate vers les Territoires occup?s et les camps de r?fugi?s

du Liban qui existent depuis 58 ans.

Vu cette situation urgente et qui persiste, la Coalition contre la

d?portation des r?fugi?s palestiniens lance un appel aux personne qui la

soutiennent pour participer au relancement des piquetages bimensuels de

solidarit?, devant les locaux d?Immigration Canada, afin de demander :


- la R?GULARISATION IMM?DIATE de la situation de tous les r?fugi?s

palestiniens au Canada.

Au cours des derniers mois, des membres ? part enti?re de la Coalition

contre la d?portation des r?fugi?s palestiniens ont re?u des avis de rejet

d?finitif de leur demande et attendent la date de leur expulsion vers les

Territoires occup?s et les camps de r?fugi?s du Liban.

Un couple de Palestiniens ?g?s lutte ?galement contre son expulsion vers le

camp de r?fugi?s de Sabra, au Liban, o? Farouk Za'atar a v?cu depuis qu?il a

?t? contraint de fuir la Palestine en 1948 alors qu?il ?tait enfant. Ce

couple ?g? sera s?par? de force de ses trois enfants et de ses cinq

petits-enfants qui sont tous citoyens canadiens ou r?sidents permanents et

vivent ? Montr?al. Une fois encore, la Coalition se trouve aux prises avec

un cas dans lequel les demandes de statut de r?fugi? de certains membres de

la famille ont ?t? accept?es, tandis que d?autres ont ?t? rejet?es. Le fils

des Za'atar a obtenu le statut de r?fugi? il y a des ann?es ? Montr?al,

tandis que ses parents, bien qu?ayant v?cu les m?mes ?v?nements, ont vu leur

demande rejet?e ult?rieurement par un autre membre de la Commission de

l?immigration et du statut de r?fugi? du Canada.

Les r?fugi?s palestiniens au Liban se voient syst?matiquement refus?s de

d?tenir une propri?t?, d'exercer plus de 70 professions, de recevoir des

services de sant? ad?quats, de se d?placer et de voyager librement. Les

mauvais traitements des Palestiniens ? l'int?rieur des camps se sont accrus,

mettant en danger imm?diat et r?el la vie de ces personnes.

Les Palestiniens qui ont ?chapp? ? la situation d?sastreuse qui r?gne dans

les Territoires occup?s, sont soumis ? la terreur quotidienne que leur fait

subir Isra?l, qui continue d?imposer une occupation militaire ill?gale et

meurtri?re. Les r?fugi?s palestiniens des Territoires occup?s ont fui les

tueries, les assassinats extrajudiciaires, les d?molitions de maisons, les

arrestations ill?gales, les proc?s sans preuve, la torture, la confiscation

de leurs terres et les humiliations continuelles.

Nous devons rester unis pour soutenir la longue et courageuse lutte des

r?fugi?s palestiniens de Montr?al contre les expulsions.

Nous avons besoin de votre soutien, de votre solidarit? et de votre

participation !




La Coalition contre la d?portation des r?fugi?s palestiniens /




Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, calls on all people of conscience to demand that Dr. Sami Al-Arian is immediately freed from his political imprisonment. Dr. Al-Arian is a Palestinian former University of Florida professor who is currently on his 58th day of a water-only hunger strike. He is protesting his maltreatment by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) which violated an earlier plea agreement that absolved Dr. Al-Arian from any further cooperation with the government. According to his lawyer, the DOJ wanted Dr. Al-Arian to testify before a grand jury in Virginia. When he refused, citing his plea agreement, he was sentenced up to 18 months in jail.

Dr. Al-Arian is currently being held at a medical facility in North Carolina. Family members who recently visited him reported that he had lost 53 pounds, equivalent to more than 25 percent of his body weight. He is no longer able to walk or stand on his own.

More information on Dr. Al-Arian's ordeal can be found in the transcript of a recent interview with his wife, Nahla Al-Arian. See:


We ask all people of conscience to demand the immediate release and end to Dr. Al- Arian's suffering.

Call, Email and Write:

1- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Fax Number: (202) 307-6777


2- The Honorable John Conyers, Jr

2426 Rayburn Building

Washington, DC 20515

(202) 225-5126

(202) 225-0072 Fax gov

3- Senator Patrick Leahy

433 Russell Senate Office Building

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

(299029)224- 4242

4- Honorable Judge Gerald Lee

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

401 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

PO Box 131352

Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA

Tel: 760-685-3243

Fax: 360-933-3568


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